Principia was founded to leverage a powerful reversible covalent drug platform. This platform has the potential to transform drug development and advance the treatment of diseases with significant unmet medical need.

Principia's goal is to build a world-class, integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on oncology and autoimmune disease. We have validated our approach in vivo for multiple targets in different therapeutic areas. Our first program progressed from concept to clinical candidate in 18 months.

Principia's drug discovery system has significant advantages over standard discovery methods:

Superior product attributes:  Principia's platform can produce compounds that have improved potency, selectivity and durability. Drug candidates with improved properties may provide a better therapeutic index and enhanced clinical benefit over current medicines.

Acceleration of drug discovery process:  Using its suite of proprietary methods, chemistries and customized assays, Principia can optimize tool compounds, converting them rapidly into drug candidates. This conversion changes the intrinsic properties of the compounds, making them highly potent, selective and durable for the target.

Broad applicability:  Principia's technology can address targets across target classes, including those that have not previously been “druggable” using current methods. 

We will both develop our own drugs internally and partner with others for exploiting opportunities in different therapeutic areas.

Principia's powerful drug design platform has the potential to transform small molecule drug research and development.

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