The Company

Principia is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the design and development of small molecule drugs. Principia is creating a pipeline of differentiated drug candidates that offer superior safety and efficacy compared with other technologies. Principia's platform is also being used to develop unique research tools to explore new biology, validate new disease targets, and provide additional programs for its pipeline.

Principia is committed to changing the drug development paradigm. The company's technology platform rapidly and reliably produces compounds with superior selectivity, enabling development of multiple product candidates with substantial commercial potential. Principia's platform can even be applied to high-value disease targets that are otherwise deemed "undruggable." As a result, Principia is ushering in a new chapter in the development of truly novel therapies with substantial clinical and commercial potential. The company is leveraging the broad utility of its platform to develop best-in-class inhibitors in a wide variety of indications with substantial unmet medical need. Initial areas of focus include inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and cancer. 

In order to fully realize the value of its platform, Principia has built a team of exceptionally talented scientists and business leaders. Additionally, the company is enhancing its position with robust intellectual property, unparalleled in-house expertise, and exclusive academic collaborations.