Our approach includes the strategic use of collaborations with leading global pharmaceutical companies to support our long-term goals.

We plan to collaborate and partner selectively to advance our pipeline, maximize the value of our drug candidates, and bring medicines to patients faster.
In 2017, we entered into a collaboration agreement with Sanofi for an exclusive license to PRN2246/SAR442168 and backup molecules for development in multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases of the central nervous system. PRN2246/SAR442168 is a BTK inhibitor designed to access the brain and spinal cord by crossing the blood-brain barrier, impacting immune cell and brain cell signaling. This collaboration brings together Sanofi’s 20 years of success in bringing innovative treatments and programs to people living with MS and Principia’s purpose-design blood-brain-barrier penetrating BTK inhibitor.

If you are interested in partnering with Principia, please contact our Business Development department at [email protected].

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