Our corporate culture focuses on “bonding matters” and emphasizes strong collaborations and relationships among employees, partners, patients and the medical community.

When we set out to change the way small molecule medicines are developed, we intentionally created a work environment to foster creativity, innovation and leadership. A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to think for themselves, challenge the status quo and aim to deliver their best.

As Principia continues to grow, we understand our culture will evolve and are committed to foster key guiding principles and to ensure a shared vision of working together. We are guided by these defining principles that serve as a guidepost for each new employee who joins our team.

“Principia is a fabulous place to work! It is a great mix of highly competent people who value strong work relationships as much as they value success. All of the leaders, from the top down, are committed to doing the right thing.”

— Tori Lovell

“I joined Principia because of its novel platform and unique approach to drug discovery, as well as its outstanding track record of getting drugs into the clinic”

— Kareem Graham

“The opportunity to continue to innovate, not to be a follower but blaze our own trail in order to have the most impact possible and to improve patient lives.”

— Erik Haghjoo

“Culture is key focus. Given what I have experienced in the one year I have been here, there is flat-out no other place I would rather work. From the top-down, this place is special.”

— Davidson Tsai

“My favorite part of Principia is that regardless of how much we grow, the collaboration between our teams stays the same.”

— Regan Burns

Our Guiding Principles

As individuals and teams, we become stronger and more confident when we are given the tools, resources and ability to take initiative and make decisions.


High level of commitment that makes us accountable to patients, shareholders and each other. We pursue our work obligations as something that is much bigger than ourselves.


We are problem solvers. Every day we work in a cooperative and coordinated way and, importantly, we are focused on a common cause – improving the lives of patients – this is our definition of teamwork.


We strive to be aware of and celebrate each other’s differences. Respect requires that we are fair, inclusive, kind and trustful. And that we behave with the highest level of integrity in all that we do.


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