Development Pipeline

We have a number of highly selective, novel drug candidates with the potential to address a broad spectrum of underserved immune-mediated diseases.

Through our scientific platform, our strategy is to build and advance a pipeline of best-in-class, oral drug candidates to address serious needs in immune-mediated diseases. If successful, our medicines have the potential to bring significant therapeutic benefits, limit unintended side effects, improve quality of life for patients and over time modify the course of disease. We aim to do this by delivering drugs that have an optimized risk benefit profile with better quality of life and convenience.

Our wholly owned BTK inhibitor, rilzabrutinib (formerly known as PRN1008), is currently being developed in three disease indications, pemphigus, immune thrombocytopenia and IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD). PRN2246/SAR442168, our BTK inhibitor for central nervous system diseases, is currently being developed by Sanofi for multiple sclerosis. We are also evaluating PRN473 Topical, a reversible covalent BTK inhibitor in a Phase 1 clinical trial for immune-mediated diseases. We will continue to expand development of our molecules and pipeline and may strategically use collaborations and partnerships as a means to maximizing the value of those assets.

Tailoring Performance for Big Impact