Phase 1 ongoing


  • FGFR inhibitors as a therapeutic intervention have been clinically validated in bladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma and have shown activity in a number of other tumors
  • With a well-tolerated and pharmacologically active dose now identified, we are planning to study PRN1371 initially across early and late-stage bladder cancer
  • The ongoing Phase 1 trial would then open an expansion cohort in FGFR translocated metastatic bladder cancer to demonstrate efficacy in a known FGFR responsive setting and explore the sub-group of patients who have failed prior checkpoint inhibitor therapy
  • Aberrant FGFR signaling is an oncogenic driver
  • May be suitable to help treat multiple FGFR-altered tumor types
  • Irreversible covalent binding for durable target inhibition
  • High selectivity to minimize off-target toxicities