Disease Focus

Tailored Covalency offers the potential to address a broad spectrum of immune-mediated diseases.

Immune-mediated diseases affect up to 10 percent of the world population and are often accompanied by severe and chronic morbidities and in some cases even mortality. More than 23 million individuals in the US are affected by immune-mediated diseases.

New medicines introduced over the past decade have improved clinical outcomes in certain diseases, but a considerable proportion of patients do not adequately respond to new treatments, some of which are associated with undesirable side effects and long-term consequences, and negatively impact the quality of life.

We believe that the treatment of immune-mediated diseases may ideally benefit from a more tailored approach, where an oral drug could deliver an improved risk benefit by selectively modulating the immune system while reducing off-target activity and/or long-term, irreversible, broad immunosuppression.

Since BTK is present in many immune cells, our focus is to inhibit the dysfunction and root problem of immune mediated diseases. In pemphigus, a part of the skin structure is considered foreign by the immune system and attacked. In immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), platelets and production are mistakenly targeted and destroyed by dysfunctioning immune cells. In IgG4-RD, certain organs are flooded by immune cells leading to swelling, fibrosis and eventual damage. In multiple sclerosis, immune cells target parts of the brain and spinal cord causing inflammation and tissue damage.

Tailoring Performance for Big Impact